Premier Club Rules

Membership in the Premier Club is free and at the discretion of LIC Ireland.

As a member of the LIC Premier Club you are required to comply with the following rules:

  1. A first generation male offspring of matings using semen purchased through the LIC Premier Club (“Offspring”) may be used for natural mating purposes only.
  2. Offspring must not be used by you or a third party (including an AI company in Ireland or elsewhere) for the collection, sale or supply of semen and are not to be put in any circumstances where they may be used for the collection of semen or sold or otherwise disposed of in a condition where semen can be collected from the Offspring.
  3. No Offspring (whether born or unborn) is to be put in circumstances where another party has access or possession of the Offspring and will or may collect semen from the Offspring.
  4. Semen purchased from the LIC Premier Club may only be used to inseminate animals ordinarily in your dairy herd and you will not re-sell or otherwise dispose of LIC Premier Club genetics to a third party.
  5. The restrictions contained in clauses 1-4 apply irrespective of the means by which you came into possession or control of the LIC Premier Club semen, Offspring or semen from Offspring.


  6. In the event that any of the above Rules are broken, you will be advised in writing that your membership of the LIC Premier Club is terminated. LIC reserves it rights to enforce any legal rights or remedies it may have against you.
  7. LIC reserves the right to terminate the LIC Premier Club at any time by notifying its members in writing.
  8. If the events in clauses 6 or 7 above occur, the LIC Premier Club Rules will continue to remain in force for LIC Premier Club semen and Offspring which may be held by a member of the LIC Premier Club at termination of their membership or termination of the LIC Premier Club.


  9. Volumes of genetics available to the LIC Premier Club members are subject to availability and may vary from time to time at LIC’s sole discretion.
These rules are reasonably required to protect the value and viability of the Livestock Improvement Corporation Limited (“LIC”) and LIC Ireland artificial breeding and genetics programme, which represents a substantial and long term investment in capital, research and development, sire proving, and which is of strategic importance to LIC.
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