LIC Premier Club

We started the LIC Premier Club so you can access top LIC bulls that have never before been available to Irish farmers.

More than a club...
this is trust, support,

Exclusive benefits

Join the Premier Club for exclusive benefits, including access to elite bulls and the ability to submit your bull calves to our Irish breeding programme.

Premier Club bulls

Handpick LIC’s top bulls to meet your dairy cow breeding criteria, including sexed, A2/A2, Once-A-Day and High Input options.

Irish bull breeding

As a Premier Club member you can exclusively submit your bull calves to LIC’s Irish genomic bull breeding programme, the IBB.

More than a club

The LIC Premier Club is about our desire to go the extra mile to support Irish farmers. All while protecting the future of LIC’s breeding programme so we can continue to improve and deliver elite genetics year on year.

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