Wagyu beef

Irish dairy farmers can now add value to your non-replacement animals by using Wagyu semen to produce Wagyu-cross calves.

Wagyu beef is renowned across Ireland, Europe and the world for its high level of fat marbling, making it extremely tender, juicy and delicious. 

Why cross with Wagyu?

Produce dairy-beef calves that can be raised for beef and sold at a premium.

The beef animals produced when Wagyu is crossed with Holsten Friesian or Jersey are achieving high praise across Ireland and the globe. Especially when you can stamp the grass-fed label on them.

The early maturing of the Jersey breed when crossed with Wagyu produces a high-end product, creating an excellent eating experience in restaurants.

Wagyu bulls are also known for their ease of calving, making them a good option to get the bottom 20% of your herd in-calf early in the mating season.

Wagyu bulls

LIC Ireland offers semen from two top-class Wagyu bulls.

Ohanasaki President 901

Ohanasaki President 901 is the most exciting Wagyu bull to come to Europe for a while. He’s a young bull with a very promising future. His sire, Ginjo Marblemax 901, excited Wagyu breeders when they discovered his offspring had amazing growth that produced valuable high-quality cuts.

Ginjo is in the top 5% for eye muscle area in a list of 376 bulls. Ginjo’s semen could not be exported to Europe but embryos from him could. But fortunately, LIC can offer you his strong bloodlines through his son. They suit pasture-based growth, and go well crossed on a dairy cow, particularly those with Jersey content.

Make your order quickly so you don’t miss out on LIC’s limited supply Wagyu semen.

Add value to your non-replacement calves

Produce Wagyu-dairy calves that can be raised for beef and sold at a premium.

Contact your LIC Ireland breeding advisor to order.

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