Pasture to Profit

Utilising grazed grass with higher yielding cows

Input costs and carbon footprint are among the forces pushing dairy producers to make more milk from grass. Supporting AHDB’s grass campaign, grassland specialist Piers Badnell suggests even higher production herds can get more milk from grazing.


Pasture to Profit Insight 2021 webinar

LIC Europe presents the Pasture to Profit Insight 2021 webinar where David Beca runs through key insights for Irish dairy farmers in these unpredictable times.

LIC lab straws

Advice on reducing the number of short returns during mating

With autumn block farmers gearing up for the start of mating, the main focus is around getting cows back in calf and, more importantly, back in calf at the front end of the block. Are you doing it the most cost-effective way? Is there a way you can keep your block tight while reducing costs?

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