Swiss federation Bio Suisse visit organic farm to ask about pasture management

Bio Suisse, is the federation of Swiss organic farmers, with over 7,000 members.

More than 1,150 processing and trade companies have a licence contract with Bio Suisse to use the Bio Bud label. The benefit for organic farms displaying this label is the 15 – 50% higher prices that organic farmers can earn for their produce.

Great progress is being seen with the organic Bio Bud label, as it continues tologo_Bio_Suisse expand the position of Swiss organic products in the food market.

Remo Peterman, is on farm to discuss Susanne Käch and Joss Pitt’s pasture based system and to find out about grass measurement, adjusting paddock size, milk yield and any challenges they may have encountered.

swiss organic dairy farm

Watch the in-depth video where Susanne answers many questions about their KiwiCross® herd and farming practices.

To translate, click on ‘English subtitles’ button (located bottom of video).

The Pitt Käch family from Gampelen BE rely on full pasture for their KiwiCross® cows and are rewarded for their high milk content by Cremo. 

Pitt Käch records

Susanne Käch and Joss Pitt. Raphael (23) and Samuel (22) from Gampelen BE

LN:  32 ha

Management:  organic

Livestock:  60 KiwiCross® dairy cows

Milk production:  340,000 kg per year; 6,000 kg per cow and year, milk content: 4.6% fat and 3.7% protein

Branches of the business:  milk production and yoghurt production

Workers:  Susanne Käch and Joss Pitt, Raphael Pitt, two helpers in yoghurt production

For more information check out the article on Die Grüne website.

by Katrina Younger
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