Become a part of the Ireland Bull Breeding Programme

In 2018, LIC started the Irish Bull Breeding Programme so that you can benefit from LIC bulls born in Ireland, bred for Irish farmers.

LIC Ireland Premier Club members have the chance to submit their bull calves into the breeding programme.

How could you be a part of breeding Ireland's next generation of top bulls?

  • Become a LIC Ireland Premier Club member at 
  • The LIC Ireland Bull Breeding Programme submission form will be available on the Premier Club website before calving season begins
  • Conditions for submission will include:
    • Dam of bull calf has calved every year of her lactating life
    • Bull calf is sired by a LIC Premier Club bull
    • Bull calf must NOT be either positive for IBR or inoculated against IBR
    • TB free herd for the last two years
    • Milk recording four or more times a year
    • All mating, pedigree and lactation data information will be up to date by 5 March 2021.

For more information please contact us on 086 4107786 or email

by Katrina Younger
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